Our Fish

We have always let our products speak for us. We regard our products as our speakers. They speak on our behalf more convincingly than anything else we can ever say and connoisseurs all over the world have been all ears. Fish Purchase patterns vary from country to country depending on consumer habits. Beddu-Trading Fish can customize its fish trading to meet individual needs in each country, customer and consumer. We can get our products from all over the world to meet your requirements.

We supply top quality fish from all over the World and have created a perfect network of buyers, all seafood specialists, with whom we work daily with advanced computer technology. This means that we can respond quickly, efficiently and always according to schedule. Beddu-Trading Fish specializes in serving various customers. We serve distributors with both small and large quantity orders, restaurants and retailers and individual importers all over the world. Beddu-Trading Fish focuses on more than just one or two species of fish, you call it a fish and we’ll catch the supply for you, we have become less susceptible to changes in market and landing conditions. Beddu-Trading Fish has committed to supply responsible seafood. We believe that we can provide our customers with seafood needs without compromising the future health of our sea fish. We have the highest quality standards for the purchase, production and distribution of our seafood products. Our standards exceed all FDA requirements and we maintain a strict compliance with HACCP quality standards.

What Are the Different Types of Fish?

Fish comes in many shapes and forms all different types from different places. The most common are these four.

Fresh Sea Fish – Fish is eaten all over the world, different sorts of fish have different favorites throughout the world.

Sea Fruits – These are Shellfish, Oysters, Coquilles etc. Like the Mussel who lives in the sea as well as in fresh waters. 

River Catch – Fresh fish caught in the rivers of Russia, Austria, the US, Bolivia or where-ever like Salmon.

Fish Farming – We want fishing everywhere to expand their fish farming companies and commit to secure catching so that we can all enjoy a more sustainable planet.

Trade in fish products

Beddu-Trading does trading for import and export in a wide range of products, including fish. This page provides a brief summary of our fish products.



Recycling fish products instead of creating an acceptable outcome is better for ecosystems, for this you can take a look at our fishmeal products for industrial use. To encourage this behavior, make a definitive statement, choose Beddu-Trading Fish. We make each product clearly ours, so that they

stands out in the tight market. What it means to you is peace of mind.

Seafood from the pollution-free water when it is most fresh and hygienically the best, packaged to perfection. We guarantee our quality!