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We make sure our customers are given the best fruits and vegetables that have been inspected under strict quality control and are fully certified. Beddu-Trading is capable of supplying fruit and vegetables to individual markets as well as grorcery stores et al.

We established our first Fruits & Vegetables warehouses in the 1800s in Rotterdam and Constanta, and this time period itself portrays the invaluable experience we have garnered about this industry, alongside the long-standing relationships we have built with the traders of this industry. We utilize this expertise of years to bring you the finest fruits & vegetables from various parts of the world. Our professional approach and quality service have made us one of the trusted sources to many fruit markets throughout the world. One of our proud fruits are avocados; The consumption of Avocado has grown exponentially in the last twenty years and so has its demand. Beddu-trading has a network of Peruvian, Colombian and Chilean growers in South America, a network of Asian growers in Indonesia and more countries and continents with whom we have partnered to supply customers in all markets, year-round. We supply worldwide by ocean and or air freight, we deliver fresh HASS avocados to every continent.

What Are the Different Types of Fruits and Vegetables?

Fruits and Vegetables are typically grouped into one of two categories:

Human consumption – Fruits and veggies widely sold in commercial outlets for human use.

Industrial Fruits and Vegetables – these are the types used for food processing.

About Beddu-Trading Fruits and Vegetables

Beddu-Trading is a global trading company with Offices in Countries such as the USA, Peru, Germany, Dubai and South Africa.

An innovative trading company for Fresh Fruits markets, our traded products are complying with all quality standards that our customers need. Beddu-Trading prides itself in being able to supply its customers with fresh fruit and vegetables on a year-round basis through comprehensive systems and trustworthy growers. Our suppliers are not solely based in the US, we’re working worldwide.

In South America, fruit is offered from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina and more. Beddu-Trading also exports fruit and vegetables from European countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Germany, France as well as from South Africa and Asian countries.

With our global partners, you can trust Beddu-Trading to always be in season and able to reach your market.

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