Precious Metals

Since the beginning of time, gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium are well known as precious, the reason for their high value is due to their rarity. They are expensive, difficult to operate and appreciated by manufacturers and investors.

What are precious metals Precious metals are defined by their rarity and their use as an investment vehicle (refers to any way a person or company can invest with the intention of eventually growing their money). The term precious metals refers to the group of metals that are known to be unique and very valuable. ____________________________________________ Factors that have traditionally influenced the price of gold and other precious metals have been economic, financial, and with sweeping global events, they have often been a refuge and asset to the preservation of wealth throughout history. ____________________________________________ Precious metals, also called rare metals, that have desirable properties with a unique beauty, are often used in jewelry. These metals do not rust or rot, which is why they can last for many years. ____________________________________________ But enough about what it all involves. Beddu-Trading trades in all sorts of precious metals; mainly in Gold from among other origins our own mining operations from our mines the world over. With the current markets during the pandemic Gold is among the most interesting investments therefore currently we are offering investors and other individuals and companies like yourself and partners to invest in fine Gold from our Gold mines. We sell it in Bulk in the shape of 12.5 Kg. Ingots (Bars) but can adapt accordingly. For more information please feel free to contact us at any time!

Precious metals applications

Some incredible applications for precious metals, for example where silver is processed in manufacturing, are; Solar panels, medical and surgical equipment, everyday electronics, mobile phones, cameras, mirrors and much more. Gold is often desired for jewelry, electronics, orthodontic items because it is flexible and conducts electricity and blends well with other metals. Popular items such as prizes and medals are also made of gold.

Factors Affecting the Trading of Precious Metals

Several factors come into play when analyzing precious metal prices:


May be affected by drop in production and political instability.


Mainly comes from jewelry, use in everyday technological products and for investment purposes

 Precious metals are often used as a safe port investment when markets are unpredictable

Currency Strength

Most precious metals are priced in USD, so it is wise to follow them to better predict price dynamics.