Our Beef

All parts of the animals have value Beddu-Trading valorizes all parts of the animals in the best possible way. Animal by-products that are not used for human consumption are tagged industrial use, these parts are used for animal feed or other purposes.

Beddu-Trading trades in meats such as beef, here’s a little knowledge on this type of meat. As with most large animals, different beef cuts are better suited to different recipes and cooking methods. The most tender cuts for roasting and grilling or others that reward slow cooking by roasting or in stews. Do not forget that many of the value reductions provide the richest and deepest flavors. During the life of the animal, different parts of the body will develop in different ways depending on how much work they do. This means that individual cuts have different proportions of muscle, fat and connective tissue. For example, those who have worked hardest, for example (the throat that constantly moves when the animal grazes) will build up more fiber and tendons. We also trade in meats like Chicken, pork and Game meats are from non-domesticated, free-ranging and farm-raised wild animals and birds that either are legally hunted for personal consumption or reared, slaughtered, and commercially sold for food.

What Are the Different Types of meats?

Meats can come from many different animals. The most common are these four.

Chicken meat – Chicken is eaten all over the world, different parts of the chicken have different favorites throughout the world.

Beef meats – Beef is the type of meat associated with quality and somewhat luxury due to steak among other parts. 

Wild game meats – Game meats, are naturally occurring  animals in the wild such as deer, rabbit and wild boars.

Pork meats – although cheap and good taste, it isn’t eaten worldwide this is mostly due to religion affiliated reasons.

Trade in meat products

Beddu-Trading does trading for import and export in a wide range of products, including South American beef, chicken and poultry, pork as well as mutton, lamb and goat. This page provides a brief summary of our meat products.