Beddu-Trading has grown into a very detailed organization for commodities and end-products.

Grown from being just another Trading corporation in materials needed for factories and other businesses worldwide to a world wide trader and supplier of all kinds of raw-materials and products. On the right a brief video about one of our head-office locations, of which we are very proud as Americans and America, remembering and to never forget 9-11.

Constantin William Popa




Begin From 1995

Trading in Raw-Materials for Import and Export

Founded by Constantin as an extra variable to the already versified stable business within commodities and raw-materials, however not just focusing on oil, petroleum, gas, gold, other metals and such. But also basic commodities for food and other manufacturing.<

1st Order 2000

More versatile at the Millennium

We reached 2000 at the turn of the decade, the century, the millennium even, as a stable trading import-export company, ready for the new era of Online and faster communication. Beddu-Trading expands into a more versatile business approach looking at more variety in commodities and such.<

Begin From 2005

Building and Constructing materials

Supplying the world with products isn’t enough, to be more competitive Beddu-Trading opens their own plants with partners on a global scale, to influence the quality and quantity for their customers. Making the price more adaptable and competitive at the same time.<

Begin From 2010

Connection Air, Roads And Seas

Beddu-Trading starts to directly ship and export the products it trades in and has manufactured, therefore controlling more steps in the line to the end-user. Which in and of itself makes the whole operation more rapid and far more efficient. On top of that, Beddu-Trading moves different suppliers to more economical locations to benefit from direct resources and such.<

Begin From 2015

Commodities end-use Adaptations

Beddu-Trading is adapting its Logistics is general, to provide the detailed organization and implem entation of a complex trade-operation. In a general business sense, Beddu-Trading is expanding the trade in overall commodities paralel to the basic Raw-Materials to make items, instead of providing the food for the food, we now trade the end products as well. So the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption.<

Begin From 2020

The PPE Decade

Beddu-Trading as a standalone sleeping subsidiary of it parent Conglomerates, starts to provide the world with the much needed personal protection equipment also known as PPE. Additionally building and manufacturing in big scale the medical devices and PPE machines. This was all due to the fact that Beddu-Trading was previously providing the world with Raw-Materials for these items.<